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Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol – Alcohol consumption does have a good impact on the body, but without you knowing it, there are many negative effects.

Are you an alcoholic? Maybe in a short time you won’t feel the bad effects of this drink, but the impact will be felt as you get older. Indeed, when you drink alcohol, your body is like being free from a burden and your level of confidence increases drastically.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol

However, there are many side effects that you will get if you continue to consume them. Here are five reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol, love your body more than anything!

1. After drinking alcohol, you will not be aware of what happened because of drunkenness

The effect that you will get after drinking alcohol is that you are not aware of being drunk, even some people don’t know what to do after drinking alcohol.

Of course, you have to stop immediately because it can be very dangerous, especially if you are a young woman who still has a very long way of life ahead.

2. Alcohol can be addictive if not stopped early

We all know for the fact that alcohol can be addictive, you can even drink alcohol into adulthood because you have drunk too often since adolescence.

So before you get really addicted, you should stop now before it’s really too late. Don’t let you become an alcoholic who can’t control yourself.

3. Drinking alcohol can harm those around you

We already know that alcohol is intoxicating, we can be semi-conscious or even completely unconscious. This allows you to harm people around you, whether it’s unpleasant treatment or an accident while driving a vehicle.

That’s why you have to stop drinking alcohol from now on, the impact is not only on you, but also on other people around you.

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4. Can be involved in legal cases

Drunkenness is one of the effects of drinking alcohol, a drunk person usually loses half of his consciousness so it is not impossible if he is involved in a legal case such as acting a crime.

Driving a car after getting drunk can also be caught in legal cases, even in Indonesia, there have been many tragedies that have occurred as a result of driving a car after drinking alcohol.

5. Drinking alcohol is prohibited by religion

For those of you who are Muslims, you must know that everything that is intoxicating is prohibited, including alcohol. So if you are a good Muslim, immediately leave alcohol to avoid unwanted things.

Try to leave something bad in your own body, especially to the point of violating religious orders that you have believed so far.…