Highest Alcohol Consumption

5 Changes When You Drank Alcohol For 28 Days

5 Changes When You Drank Alcohol For 28 Days – Has a very dangerous effect when consumed in large quantities, especially routinely. If this continues, then your health will occur. Some people do like to drink alcohol, but not too much.

does have a good effect on the heart, only when consumed in moderation. Then, what happens if this drink is consumed for 28 days?

There are visible changes in the body, from shape to appearance in facial expressions. In fact, the color of your teeth will also change greatly.

1. The Body Becomes Fat

Alcoholics, or those who cannot escape from these drinks will gain weight. This happens because the desire to consume sweet foods is higher after drinking alcohol.

And when they stop drinking, they instinctively want to keep their hands busy, usually with food.

Studies show that too much alcohol intake can increase risk factors for obesity. Because, alcohol is a very high source of calories.

Sometimes, when consuming alcohol, people don’t reduce their food intake. This is because alcohol can encourage you to eat more.

2. Poor Sleep Quality

If for 28 days you drink alcohol non-stop, your sleep quality will also be affected. Although alcohol can make you fall asleep faster, it reduces the quality of your sleep.

In some cases, people may experience headaches, which are a signal of major changes in the body due to detoxification from alcohol.

This can affect the liver or even cause high blood pressure. At this stage of quitting alcohol, your body may even experience the opposite effect.

3. Panda eyes

Your face will look tired and panda eyes appear – black circles in the eye area. This is because the urinary system is not functioning properly.

Your face will always look like someone is sick and not energized. The days will also feel bleak to tiring.

4. Yellow Teeth

Another change that can be seen is yellowing of the teeth due to the effects of the alcohol. This type of drink reduces the production of saliva which affects the condition of the teeth.

The changes will also be exacerbated if you are a heavy smoker. The nicotyl in cigarettes will also make your teeth much yellow.

5. Skin is not bright

Skin discoloration will also be visible. Skin that was previously bright will become dull and look like it lacks blood.

Acne and irritation begin to appear on the face. Pigment or freckles also appear on the cheeks to the forehead.…

Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption

Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption – Drinking alcohol is a culture that is inherent in almost all countries in the world, especially countries with cold climates.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a culture passed down from people in cold climates. The reason is, alcohol can keep the body warm. Not surprisingly, the consumption of alcoholic drinks in some countries is very high compared to other countries.

Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption

1. Belarus

Which country is ranked first with the highest alcohol consumption? The answer is Belarus, a sea-less country in eastern Europe. The average Belarusian consumes 14.4 liters of alcoholic drinks per person per year.

The traditional alcoholic drink in Belarus is made from a mixture of beer and honey. Wine is also occasionally consumed although it is not very popular and is only used as a religious ritual. In addition, wine is considered too luxurious and not everyone can buy it.

2. Lithuania

Continuing on to Lithuania, the people here consume 12.9 liters of alcoholic drink per person per year. This country produces beer that is no less great than Germany, Czech and Belgium.

Historically, drinking beer has been a tradition since the 11th century and was used for ancient Baltic celebrations and rituals. Beer-producing cities in Lithuania include Utena, Panevėžys, Klaipėda, Kaunas, and Vilnius.

3. Grenada

Grenada is an archipelago located not far from the Caribbean. The average Grenada person consumes 11.9 liters of alcoholic beverages per person per year. Meanwhile, according to data on the Statista website in 2016, 48 percent of Grenada people drink liquor.

Meanwhile, 41 percent drank beer, 7 percent drank wine, and the remaining 4 percent were alcoholic drinks of other types. Grenada people prefer vodka and rum. Two of the most famous rum brands are Westerhall and Clarke’s Court Rum.

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4. Czech Republic

Just like the French, the average person from the Czech Republic consumes 11.8 liters of alcoholic drinks per person per year. Czech Republic is famous for its beer (pivo), one of its prides is Pilsner Urquell which is slow fermented at low temperature.

Apart from that, the Czechs also produce red and white wines. Meanwhile, it is mostly produced in the southern part of Moravia. One of the well-known wines is Frankovka, a wine that is rich in tannins and aromatics.

5. France

The French are very fond of drinking wine, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. On average, French people drink 11.8 liters of alcoholic beverages per person per year.

The largest wine producing region in France is Bordeaux which is located in southwestern France. Here, red wine is more popular than white. This red wine is also used for cooking mixes, for example beef bourguignon.…